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Pipeline Emergency Preparedness & Training: Effective Pre-Planning Techniques for Pipeline Emergencies

Pipeline incidents require effective pre-planning for a safe emergency response. Pre-planning for pipeline emergency response should begin with an understanding of the types of pipeline facilities located in the response agency’s jurisdiction
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Pipeline Emergency Response Tactics: Responding to a Petroleum Pipeline Incident

Millions of barrels of liquid petroleum products including gasoline, diesel, natural gas liquids and condensate are transported daily in pipelines throughout the United States in a safe and efficient manner.
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Overview of Pipeline Systems: Overview of Pipeline Construction Process

Pipelines are a critical component of our nation’s energy system. As the United States’ demand for energy increases, so does our need for more pipelines to safely transport it.
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Keeping Pipelines Safe/Practices & Protocols: Pipeline Inspection and Safety Tools

Pipeline inspection is an important part of pipeline integrity management programs. Pipelines are carefully monitored and inspected through a wide array of safety measures and tools, spanning from walking the pipeline to very sophisticated technologies.
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Best Practices

“Our department attends the annual emergency response seminars hosted by your and other companies. We participated in a table top drill this past year as well as had a gas company representative give a presentation to our entire membership at a monthly training opportunity.” - J. Groner, Columbiana FD, Columbiana, OH

“We used the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Safety pamphlet to develop a training and a written quiz to assess dispatchers’ knowledge of pipeline safety and response.”

?“We hold annual exercises from Tabletop to Full Scale to meet SERC requirements. Our entire staff attends the pipeline sponsored training.”

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Incident Response Tactics

To view Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline Incident Response Tactics, go to

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First Responder Training Video Series

Learn how to safely and effectively respond to a pipeline emergency, how pipelines work, how different products impact response, response leading practices, how to better prepare to respond to pipeline incidents and roles in pipeline response. Videos feature interviews with pipeline and emergency response experts, covering a wide variety of emergency response disciplines. Videos available at


WISER 5.4 Release Includes:

*More detailed bibliographies for much of the substance data

*Protective distance mapping now supports the export of KML (Keyhole Markup Language) on the WISER for Windows and WebWISER version

*Redesigned the WISER for Windows protective distance mapping capability

A set of WISER tutorial videos can be viewed here and videos can also be found in the training section of the NLM YouTube Channel.

NPMS iPhone app for PIMMA and Updates

The National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) has iPhone app for PIMMA, can be accessed by searching for "pipeline information" on the App store. New High Population Area (HPA) and Other Population Area (OPA) datasets are now available for download from the Population Data Page.

Did you Know….

811811 is the nationally recognized number to notify utilities of pending excavation activity so that utilities can properly locate underground assets. Locating services are free. Help us spread the word for safety ...Call 811 before you dig!


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